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The family COUACH created Moteurs Couach at Arcachon in 1897, then the yard ARCOA in 1947.
At this time ARCOA invents the power pleasure. During the 50s and 60s, ARCOA has built some splendid yachts which made its reputation. We are speaking of the cruising boats 560, 700, 860, 960 and 1060, and some runabouts 460 and Arcoa-Crai.
The name ARCOA is then synonymous of quality, creativity and french elegance and style. The yard has became the first European builder of cruising boats dedicated to pleasure.
The family COUACH separated hitself of ARCOA in 1967. The brand has been since repurchased by different share holders. The ARCOA moved from wood to fiberglass, the range expanded, some new ways re explored with the 1080 Fishing.
Located today in Britany in Lorient, ARCOA keeps the best value of his past heritage; first class born in the 60s. The models may be descendant from the first runabouts or from the Mystic, the success is here, such as the CANOT, the MYSTIC or the YACHT, worth of heir of the the 1060 in solid mahogany
Baia Yachts began production over forty years ago in Naples as Mericraft building small wooden boats and as the years have passed their experience has grown immensely. They specialize in all fiberglass yachts that are made of quality craftsmanship and expertise. The Capasso family took over the shipyard with Antonio Capasso as the director and the name changed to Cantieri di Baia Spa – Mericraft in 1968. Today, the innovative Italian yacht maker operates in Miami, Los Angeles, England, Greece, Santo Domingo, Spain, Norway, Odessa, Turkey, Côte d'Azur and Dubai with models that have evolved over the years as they gained experience in the domestic and export markets. Baia guarantees spare parts and specialized assistance with a direct and constant contact with its shipyard. The main spirit and fundamental nature of Cantieri di Baia is delivered with the B50; in performance, design and seaworthiness.
With the charming qualities from the past, the B50 is now better than ever with smarter and more powerful equipment, as well as a new level of comfort inside the cockpit. This yacht is a new generation B50 which is a pure open yacht that has a familiar feline, yet aggressive design. Most of the Baia yacht owners have only good things to say about their craft and excellent reviews have been made. The Azzura 63 has an average top speed that is around 55 mph and the speed is impressive for a boat of such magnitude. Owners say that it takes off slow in building the speed, but once the Arnesons are lowered and she is full force, it is a very smooth ride even on choppy waters. It has been noted that there is a small amount of spray that reaches the windshield and over the roofline at top speeds. These couple of things has not hindered the yacht's impression and overall excellent performance.
The overall consensus among Baia Yacht owners is that with the combination of opulent accommodations and a blistering offshore performance, the Italian boats are of superb quality and craftsmanship. Remarkable looks with a sleek design and appearance, the Baia still remains in stiff competition with Italian contemporaries, along with stateside builders.
Baia owners say that owning one of these yachts is like having a luxury cruiser and the power of a speed boat all in one beautiful vessel. With such standard features as an electric canvas roof, cherry sole, 72,000-Btu Condario A/C, 12-gal, Isea water heater, Lewmar windlass, Danforth anchor, White Star compass, hot/cold Whale transom shower, full size refrigerator and a two-burner Ceran cooktop, the Baia Yacht is sure to please the avid fisherman, as well as the those with families

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The ultimate experience of speed
Daggerboards, weight-centering, tilted and tulip-shaped bows and an aerodynamic coach-roof. As a result of 25 years of innovation and improvement, Catana catamarans are probably the fastest way for sailing enthusiasts to navigate the open seas. To the delight of their owners.
Because the experience of sailing a Catana, gliding along the waves at 20 knots before the wind is truly unique. A feeling of exhilaration that no other form of transport can provide. But this speed is not just for your enjoyment. It can be combined with total safety, even during your longest journeys. It will allow you to reach shelter quickly during heavy weather, Catana catamarans are practically the only sailboats that can reach 15 knots close-hauled, without using the motor. Superior performance that is especially valuable when the next chance to refuel is thousands of miles away.
Catana is built for speed but also comfort. A perfectly balanced, fast, lightweight boat which ensures reduced drag. Its torpedo-shaped buoys weaken resistance attaining even higher speeds. The interior is fitted out with extremely lightweight equipment: ultimate comfort that saves you energy. Everything you need for fast and long-lasting sailing across the oceans.
Get ready to sail around the world. With its exceptional safety standards, ease of manoeuvre and premium comfort, you and your Catana will experience unique sensations of speed. Because your Catana is designed by enthusiasts, because your Catana is built by yachtmen, because your Catana is made for lovers of the sea and fast travelling, she is a fabulous boat: seaworthy, highly performing, safe, comfortable, stable and homogeneous. Twenty-five years of research and sailing experience has provided Catana the image of unrivalled seaworthiness and a legendary reputation for building a solid, comfortable high performance catamaran.
Millions of miles covered by hundreds of our customers, together with the dynamic team at Catana, ensures we capitalize on every available piece of knowledge to offer you the very best catamaran for long-distance cruising.
Our Research and Development department's capability for creating and testing new ideas and technology demonstrates we are constantly improving our boats. Our customers say that we are several years ahead of our competitors...
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Founded in 1973, the company's early years were spent developing and marketing a range of cruiser racers, with the emphasis on performance. The Holman and Pye designed UFO range got the company off to a flying start with many racing successes. In 1978, Oyster launched the Oyster 37 and the following year the centre cockpit, flush deck Oyster 39, Oyster's first full cruising design. The following year the Oyster 46 was launched with its unique deck saloon design, which has become a hallmark for Oyster yachts.
Rob Humphreys took over as lead designer in 1997 and Oyster created its own in-house design team to complement the Humphrey's office. At the same time, Oyster opened its US sales and service centre in Newport, Rhode Island.

Whilst the Humphreys Design team continue to develop the Oyster range up to the 885, in 2008 Oyster appointed Dubois Naval Architects to design a new range of Oyster Superyachts. Today, the Oyster fleet represents several design generations, each one building on the experience and success of its predecessor. The company's business is truly international and Oyster has already won two Queen's Awards, Britain's top industrial accolade.
Choice - individual yachts for individual owners
At Oyster we are great believers in choice not compromise, which is the reason we have created one of the most comprehensive yacht ranges in our industry. The Oyster range offers plenty of choice in size from the Oyster 46 to our magnificent superyacht flagship, the Oyster 125 Flybridge. All these yachts share a common heritage and have been created to provide the best all round combination of performance, comfort and practical seamanlike features. Owners may choose their preferred joinery timber, interior configuration, detail and fitting out materials for such items as counter tops and soft furnishings, together with a selection of tried and tested optional equipmen In this way each yacht can be configured as closely as possible to her owner's tastes and preferences and be as individual as her owne We believe commissioning an Oyster can be similar to building a one-off design but with less risk, expense and with predictable standards of performance and quality. On our larger models, within the constraints of our female hull and deck tooling, the custom possibilities are almost limitless

Welcome to the world of Oyster
Oyster Marine was founded in 1973 and has established itself as an international market leader of world-class cruising yachts. With their distinctive Deck Saloon design, Oyster yachts are recognised throughout the sailing world for quality, comfort and performance. These days around half of our new construction is for existing owners. This loyalty sends a strong message to new customers thinking of joining what we like to refer to as 'the Oyster family'.
Today's Oysters are very different to the yachts we built 40 years ago, but our core values of strength, seaworthiness and

a multitude of practical, seaman like features remain, testament to the experience we have gained from sailing hundreds of thousands of miles in Oyster yachts. Our regattas and events, organised exclusively for our owners and their families, are increasingly popular, whilst our customer service and support is recognised as being amongst the best in our industry. In every corner of the sailing world, whatever the age or size of their Oyster, our owners can look to us for service and support, help and advice. Full details about Oyster range can be found on
The company was founded in Patti (ME) in 1973 and started production with 4 models of fiberglass boats (fishing boats and hands). In 1977 Marinello has exhibited for the first time at the Genoa International Boat Show with 7 models. Since then this is the most important event dedicated to the Marine, always in Hall D, and in 2012 exhibited over an area of 350 square meters, the stand A6-A60G.
Since 1996 the company is managed with the help of family members and a highly skilled technical staff, which deals with the design, production, finishing, maintenance, storage (even in winter) and the sale which takes place at the headquarters, the yard and through a network of domestic and international dealers.
The Marinello shipyard covers an area of over 6,000 square meters and is situated in the lovely overlooking the Aeolian Islands. The Marinello range covers 10 open models ranging from 4.3m to 6.8m in length and 6 sundeck models with cabin ranging from 5.3m to 7.45m in length, all being trailerable. All Marinello models are finished with a wide range of accessories, from the table to the fridge, from the kitchen to the sink, making safer and more comfortable trips at sea and on lakes.
The Marinello shipyard has a 100% handcraft production, which guarantees the high quality and absolute reliability of its products, being located in Sicily, in the province of Messina.
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